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Back in 2013, there was no such institute in Odisha which was providing good and quality guidance for the IIT JAM entrances or GATE examinations for the subject like geology. Colleges providing only classroom study was barely enough for the students to overcome the entrance examination. To fulfil the need of the hour, We three group of friends decided to start an educational institution which focuses to help, guide and nurture students who seek to achieve their goals. Thus, the story of SP Geology began. We started with a batch of 10 students merely and now we extend our help to over 100 students every year including the both IIT-JAM and GATE batch. The objective of our institute always remains to help and prosper others rather than just running an educational business.

Soumendra Nayak
Founder (Atomic mineral directorate ,Dept. of Atomic Energy ,Govt. of India)
Rakesh Satapathy
Co-Founder ( Geologist, Geological Survey of India )

With the vision of guiding students in the proper direction to overcome their goals, we started SP Geology. The journey has just yet started and we have miles to go further and we will be glad to sail with you in your journey to success and future endeavours. 

Back in 2013, what started as a random thought emerging out of a late-night conversation between friends has now evolved into a platform serving the needs of many aspiring young minds and helping them shape their careers and explore different avenues in the field of geology.

We at SP Geology believe that “dreams are meant to be lived; all you need is determination and perseverance”

If you dream as we do...Join us and let’s make SUCCESS together...

Subhaprada Jena

For more than 10 years, we have been proudly a part of the journey of many. Here at SP Geology, we believe that every student has the potential to see their dreams getting wings. Imparting value-based education with ample amount of resources and individual attention is the mantra of SP Geology.

Tarun Vyas

To represent one himself in a national stage is for sure gonna be a bit difficult. But, as they say, even mighty rocks fall before the will power and patience of water. Keep up the hardship and rest assured we are there for you always until you cross the finishing line.

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